About us

Boyar - 2020 Best Domestic Vodka

Our Boyar Organic Vodka successfully wins the Gold Medal for the 2020 Best Domestic Vodka by "The Fifty Best"

Our story

Old Spirit Distillery is Nassau County’s first and only distillery, located in the beautiful town of Oceanside, New York. Founded in 2017, Old Spirit produces vodka, bourbon, brandy and moonshine. We are organic and kosher certified, using corn from New York state farms. We use state-of-the-art equipment, starting from our milling machines and our cookers, to the distillery kettles, going all the way to the filtration systems. Despite all of the advanced equipment, however, our process retains the human touch. Each step of production is closely monitored, and our machines are calibrated to achieve the finest quality.

Our Process

All of our products are cooked, fermented, distilled and bottled on site; our close oversight and involvement in the process allows us to consider our products are handmade. Each batch is produced 200 gallons at a time to ensure consistency and quality.

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